Planet Of The Chimps Poem by Madathil Rajendran Nair

Planet Of The Chimps

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Grandson's first birth-day
His cousins arrived
Twin girls half his age
Two is company, three is a crowd

Middle of the night
The three screamed
From different nooks of the house
Like sympathetic detonation
Call of gastric fire
Or was it diaper rash?

Moms and grandmas scampered
Mixing milk in bottles
Singing lullabies
In unknown tongues
Music illiterates
How silly! Can music ever douse
The raging fire of hunger
A burning hidden sore?
Screams just got louder

The men now joined
Sleep-walking dads and grandpas
Their hair disheveled
Pajama strings swaying loose
Like pendulums of grandpa clocks
Former music school terrors
Outdid the women in notes
Kids screeched without reprieve

Pandemonium prevailed for a while
The chimps then dozed off in a milky high
With bottles in their delicate hold
Moms, dads, grands tip-toed
Finger on lips, scared
As if in a mine-field
Speaking in hush-hush mode
Lest the tykes are roused
Again in unison screamed

Oh, what a scene that was!
Tyranny of the babes!
The whole littered house
A planet of the chimps!
Eh you, wash the bottles
You there, change my pads and bibs!

Planet Of The Chimps
Kelly Kurt 25 August 2016

As the father of six, all born within less than a nine year span, I know the chaos of which you so perfectly wrote.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 07 September 2016

Cute children are there in image and you drawn perfect imagery also in this poem really. This poem is very interesting and nice. Joy is shared through wise humor...10

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Nosheen Irfan 05 September 2016

Such a lovely write. So beautifully described...a house full of little kids. The noise n the all adds to the drama of life. The kids' presence enlivens the house n no matter how big a nuisance they might become, they are no less adorable n lovable for all their mischief. Once again, a wonderful narration from your mighty pen. Enjoyed reading thoroughly.10

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Rajesh Thankappan 04 September 2016

It is really a pandemonium of joy! Each and every baby is a star around whom many a life revolve! 10

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I just watched a delightful drama of little babies and the elders, how when they all came together, a pandemonium occurred. I loved the way you have portrayed the whole scene, so realistic and humorous. Enjoyed reading this poem thoroughly. Shall come back to read it again.100

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Mj Lemon 19 March 2017

The words, this poem, and the photo will keep the joy of this evening/event alive for generations. A wonderful poem, Madathil.

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Edmund Strolis 19 October 2016

How wonderful! Full of images, humor and reality. Not always peace and lullabies, pajama strings swaying like pendulums on grandfather clocks, the tip-toe, the milk in tiny hands. Sweet dreams from the slumbering world of the little chimps. Such a vision to see this army of servants roused and sleepy-eyed doing their duty like servants to the tiny royalty. Splendid and straight from the heart!

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Bri Edwards 11 October 2016

i meant run for our money in the humour/humor area on PH. bri :)

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Bri Edwards 11 October 2016

hey! i just used nook in a poem this week. ok, you can use it as well............anytime. be my guest. A burning hidden sore? Screams just got louder.............reminded me of my early days, after i quit college my senior year. i worked for two years caring for surgical patients [nurses aide job]. some bedridden patients (the worse-off ones) developed 'bedsores' due to long stays, somewhat immobile, in bed, sometimes lying in their pee. we would prop them on their sides and apply a stomach anti-acid (Milk of Magnesia i think) to the sore and sometimes shine a heat lamp on the affected area i think. shades of Nursing Home futures for some of us? ? : ( The men now joined Sleep-walking dads and grandpas Their hair disheveled Pajama strings swaying lose............i'm glad it was just Pajama strings swaying lose! but another o in loose, please. remember: 'the severe consequences of leaving it as is after i tell you about it! ! ! ;)) [btw: i used to make the same 'mistake' sometimes with lose and loose. ha ha! come on! Grandpa. those kids don't look much at all like Chimps. more like Bonnet Macaques! ! yes! did you do a DNA analysis when they were born? ? Finger on lips, scared ..........this line gave me a VERY HEARTY laugh. thanks. AND the next line was very good also, but i did NOT laugh. i've gotta control myself! ! ! Eh you, wash the bottles You there, change my pads and bibs! .................almost a chuckle leaked out....of me. ok, you grownups! ! ! or is it groan-grumps? ? you MUST TAKE CONTROL or you will be faced with YEARS of tyranny laid on you all, parents AND grandparents, by these developing chimps! ! ! it must be nipped in the bud, or should i say buds? to MyPoemList. you, Madathil are trying to give Valsa and me a run for our money! bri ;)

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Thanks Bri for your very hearty comments. Yes, that should be 'loose'. I remember noting the mistake and correcting it, but, never went back to the poem to check if the correction had taken effect. Will do that now.

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