The Suicide Note Poem by Andrew Nawroski

The Suicide Note

I am so sorry and hope you will all forgive me
Please take care of my pets
Especially my hamster
He likes to climb on top of his cage every night
And a treat of some sliced apple now and again
I haven't much in respect of possessions
My musical instruments - you can give to charity
Or sell them, maybe use them as ornaments
And the little money I have left can go towards my funeral costs
I have chosen a quick and painless way to go
So don't worry if I suffered, I wont have.

I no I will miss the warm sun and bird's singing
But maybe I will still hear them
I'm so very tired all the time
And everyone seems so happy
All their happiness has become to hard for me
It has become like a leaden weight to carry around
So I feel I shall be better away from it all.

Tell my uncle Fredrick I loved all those old books he showed me
And make sure he doesn't drink to much again
You no how angry he gets
Anyway I no for sure I am doing the right thing
Iv'e been alone now for many weeks
And have had time to think it out
I feel quite excited about it all
My pets seem to no what I have planned
And watch me more often
They seem to be giving me advice
And somehow agree when I show them things.

I haven't told anyone
Everyone thinks I am really happy
And always smile like I could never do
I wont you to give uncle Fredrick my book on bird spotting
The one I got on my 16th birthday, I am sure he will like it
He loves colour, and it is full of colourful pictures
I am really sorry about all of this
But maybe it is for the better.
Your loving son.

Maynard Tomain 28 January 2010

hmmmm I saw this and I'm not quite youre if it's serious but it lead me to read your other work and see how awesome it really is. It's funny when you think about it the thought that if your dead right now i read your work and am amazed and feel remorse that you could be dead right now as I type this. Just like a lot of poets. If your alive good luck and if your dead, though I've never met you and I've just heard about you, you will be missed by me.

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Fred Babbin 28 January 2010

What was your 'quick and painless way to go'?

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Andrew Nawroski

Andrew Nawroski

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