The Surfer Poem by Sheryl Deane

The Surfer

Rating: 5.0

Give me an ocean to swallow
And I will follow that wave
Riding high in the wind and rain
Balanced on illusion

Racing through a tunnel of roaring water,
Shiny as a sapphire, slippery as melting ice
Fast- changing as wind swept clouds
A journey of no return

Daring to touch the inner circle, with finger outstretched
Feeling the cold moment while catching seconds,
I stand alone in a living blue cave,
Bursting with possibility

Behind a crashing cacophony of foam explodes
My time is up!

Breath held in one desperate gasp
Suddenly thrust beneath a fierce turbulence
Held down by invisible mighty hands
My soul is flung in depths below
Till oblivious of the world above
I lie on bed of sea sand rested

The silence is,
Pure Heaven

The Surfer
Sunday, October 16, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: life,life and death
Mj Lemon 11 June 2017

Magnificent, Sheryl. You capture perfectly what it is to be on a board.

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Sheryl Deane 21 January 2023

Thank you, surfing is the best!

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Laurie Van Der Hart 11 June 2017

Wow! Stunning imagery, great photo. Do you surf? It's the first time I've seen the word cacophony in a poem other than my own!

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Sheryl Deane 21 January 2023

Yes I do surf and my sister Karen Wilson is a professional surf phtographer.. She took the shot in a surf competition in Huwaii.

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