If Only For A Second Poem by Sheryl Deane

If Only For A Second

Rating: 5.0

Dark blue swells of watery mountains
Hold tears from a thousand eyes,
And collapse in a great crash of white,
As they skid and hiss towards the shore shining
Beneath the lighthouse gaze of a glowing moon.

Sunken sea sand sucks the ivory bubbles into itself
Silent and quick as death sucks life from the living,
And while the waves quietly sink under the silky mounds,
I wonder if all the earth's departed souls
Cling together
As washed grains of sand on a beach.

Each day circles each night in a rondo dance
Trance-like, the horizon shimmers with cold expectation.

I wait for sunrise with wet toes washed clean in salty water
My footprint sinks a little deeper as waves roll
Forwards and backward.

Is there a distant glimpse of the one I love?
Gazing ahead I forge a precious memory
Made bold by a growing gold sky crown
Which rises,
A ring of light streaks pointing upwards
Each beam sparks a memory that dances in my mind,
And comforts my lonely soul

A fleeting breeze brushes my bare arm
The touch of an Angel, if only for a second.

(in memory of my Mother)

If Only For A Second
Saturday, January 21, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: life and death,grief,wishing,affinity and love
Here is a poem using visual sea scenes to depict the saddness felt by those who have lost loved ones and especially family
MAHTAB BANGALEE 22 January 2023

superb imagery poem; nicely crafted; great to read

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Anjandev Roy 21 January 2023

Such a splendid work.....thanks for sharing...

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Sheryl Deane 21 January 2023

Thank you. I have watched many sunsets thinking of her in Kommetjie, South Africa. They do indeed look like gold crowns.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 21 January 2023

this brought me to tears it reminded how I feel without my Mum

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Sheryl Deane 21 January 2023

I cry with you, and this poem helped me express my feelings. Glad you related to it.

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Jayne Louise Davies 21 January 2023

Wonderful poem! Loved every line x Thank you for sharing x

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Sheryl Deane 21 January 2023

Thanks for reading it. Best wishes to you.

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