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I am the only girl in my family with three brothers that are older than me. We grew up with a petting Zoo full of animals. Learned quickly on being a Tomboy and enjoyed getting into the adventure of life along with my older siblings.
Rhyming words to poems seem to come easy for me when I felt stressed out. It has been a good way of getting a lot of things off of my chest or cheer me up. Hope you like what you see, which usually come from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy

Christine Kerr Poems

Don'T Mess With Old People

Just minding my business on my front porch
A young man struts by carrying a torch
He winks at me with a crazy stare
As I sit here in my rocking chair

Birth Of A Poem

I tried and tried again
To write a poem from beginning to end.
Though this is what I planned at first.
The night goes on and my writing gets worse.

Extroverts Verses Introverts

Extroverts are energized by talking with others,
I'm sure, one snuck up inside my mother.
Being an Introvert, It's easy to see,
Extroverts will drain the life from me.

The Affair

Planned a night of beautiful bliss,
It all happen with a stolen kiss.
Fear we'll find, each other's core,
Only to find, we leave feeling sore.

Childhood Memories

Back when I was a kid at play,
we played games throughout the day,
Telephone wires that snapped on the ground,
were our skipping ropes we had found.

Christine Kerr Comments

Shashendra Amalshan 22 July 2009

Christine Kerr is my first friend here... i dont know.. she says she is not gona write poems anymore.... She is great person indeed... her poems reflect what a lovely, sweet person she is.. I travel around the Poem Hunter.. I see lots of young people at my age, bleeding, wounded... i came to the site as a wounded, battered person too.. but in my darling Chris I see the youthful exuberance i vent seen in many people... she is a great person, and write very entertaining and lovely piece indeed... With lots of love shas! ! ! ! ! !

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Paul Day 26 April 2009

I like the modern feel your poems have. You allude to technology and current events. You're the first person I've found to do that. It's a really interesting style.

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Stephen Stirk 09 March 2009

Christine Kerr is a poet and story teller all in one. All of her poems have a uniqueness, and the reader can relate to the honesty and openess in her subject matter. Chris's work is a thoroughly entertaining read

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