The Teachers Chair Poem by sookdeo manansingh manansingh

The Teachers Chair

I'll miss the children
when i must vacate the teachers chair
whom i hold close to my heart
with the love i share
when i walked through the isle
with authority to rule
the memories of my leadership
will remain in the walls of the school

the pathway of knowledge
will continue to be a lifelong journey
for me to complete
to be seen as a sage
and to lift the flag of my country
have been the mantra i repeat
the amour of discipline
upon my shoulder helped me to shape
the minds that will position to lead
to see the dark clouds
removed from over the mountain
will come when all can learn
to write and read

as the waves of the ocean
in pursuit after the shore
come and go
the children who sits in the classroom
to persevere success will come to know
through the many years in practice
i came to realize that every child
should be taught what is right
that they grow up to understand
their purpose and should
have no reason to fight

together they could create
a new horizon and shape the opportunities
which knocks at their door
the legacy of wisdom
i leave will enlighten to succeed
when i must return to where i belonged before
the challenge to move across
the journey of life
took much sacrifice and pain
towards the fulfillment of my desire
in service to humanity
what more is left for me to gain?

Error Success