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My dream is like a journey
to the moon
where i can enjoy the timelessness
of my being

After being a prisoner
under the dark clouds
what a site to see the sun return
no matter how difficult

as a garland of lamps
we are united
like the stars in the sky
we are disciplined

The pathway through the clouds
run parallel to the footprints
i carve on earth
the future i envision

The pathway of destiny
depends on the decision we make
sometimes we forget
our relationships with whom

through the funnel of the mind
flows the fluids of poison and nectar
\we sow
into the fire of intelligence

I'll miss the children
when i must vacate the teachers chair
whom i hold close to my heart
with the love i share

Between the light of success
between the darkness of distress
the journey of life
depends on the choice you make

I am now an orphan
for my parents both
have left the earth
to continue the journey of life

I carry a dream
like a cloud in my soul
to share the message of peace
and to enlighten the world

Under a cloudless sky
the stars and moon shine bright
the leaves stand still
and the birds seem to disappear

The show must come to an end
when the curtain is pulled across the stage
i will have to remove the garment
for the play and look to turn a new page

Like internet traffic on the web
the traffic of souls
on earth come and go
as much as there is life in the sea

To interpret the language of the birds
takes me to the deep silence of my soul
where even the fishes beneath the ocean
paints an image of their own world

once i met a pigeon struck by a car
in the middle of the roadway bent by a scar
towards its mercy i went to its cry
as others they looked thinking it may die

Under the cloudless sky
the stars seems to get closer to earth
like souls from heaven
going in pursuit to take birth

the golden gates of the palace
will close where there is no return
from the changing roles on stage
your message be enshrined

as the season of time transform darkness into light
the lamp of inspiration renew one's faith
to continue the fight
to take birth in this battlefield of fate

A thousand times i have made this voyage
from shore to shore
now my age have begun to fail and cannot continue anymore
the new recruit of sailors are not yet accustom to the drift

Our carnival be the greatest show on earth
it portrays the culture of our twin island both
the masqueraders on the streets
keeps in rhythm with the band

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Sookdeo Manansingh is a poet, inspirationalist, Educational Researcher and motivational speaker. He is presently a Technology Education Teacher at San Fernando West Secondary School in Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Manansingh holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Manansingh a member of the World Poets Society and The poets Society of Trinidad and Tobago.He is one of the poets to publish a poem in a flipbook produced by the Caribbean Union of Teachers. He is a member of ModPo {contempory of Modern Poets}.He is involved with many poetry forums including Poetry Nation, Poetry Foundation and Poetry circle. He has been writing metaphysical poems for the past forty years. He believes in the journey of self enlightenment and spiritual awakening. He has written over four hundred poems and over six hundred quotations. His mantra that education is a lifetime journey stems from his father whom being his mentor and spiritual teacher. He is the founder of Cosmic Silence Foundation a charitable organization for persons who are differently abled.Mr.Manansingh plans to travel the world and to share his philosophy of introspective transcendentalism.)

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My Life Is Like A Gift

My dream is like a journey
to the moon
where i can enjoy the timelessness
of my being
only to be awaken too soon
where the spirits of my ancestors
exist in the shadow of the night
the hidden treasures of the mind
comes to light

The footprints i leave on earth
will follow until my grave
when i reach before heavens gate
i shall no longer be enslave
as the stars behind the clouds
never loose sight
of every step i make
whenever i am in distress
and weak
to call on my father
above he will never forsake

the pattern of stars
which connect
to my heart
will shape the future
like the seeds of intelligence
i sow each day
to see through silence nurture
the light of this world
shall never dim
for it is fuel with the love in my heart
to see a reflection of the divine
in the flowers and the birds
i am enlighten by this holistic field
to know that i am part

Like raindrops from the clouds
i can see the pearl in every soul
through my inner eye
intertwine with the cosmic universe
nothing in this world have i
to see the lamp of the soul
in every role of life
be the mystery of this earth
tomorrow when i shall sit upon the throne
of the moon
with grace i will complete
my purpose of birth

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Perseverence is the stream of success

To manage the metaphysical mind is the master key of the universe.

Deep silence is the secret of self-healing. When the mind can become still automatically the body will be free from pain and suffering.

thoughts are like waves in the ocean and seems never to stop flowing. The moment it loses itself is what is worth knowing.

Whatever one may desire the more he ponders on that thought from the inside, is the more it will reflet on himself from the outside.

he who will seek to explore the deepness of his own mind is even capable of transforming the impossible into a reality.

When you can recognise the glow of divinity in yourself, then you need no longer have to go in search of God.

Let the subconscious mind be your guide. It is the inner light of God reflecting in you.

Time is the gift of grace given to man for him to recover from his mistakes and lost opportunities and to realise his purpose of existence.

Success is like the shadow of one's own thought, it comes as a result of your own creation.

Though the mind is invisible it is capable of removing any mountain once you try

Fasting illuminates the lamp of the mind.

To envision the existence of consciousness is to merge oneself with the divine for he is the root of knowledge and you are the vine

to manage the metaphysical mind is the master key of the universe

When you are seriously responsible for your role and function others will show greater respect towards you.

The antidote of inspiration will subdue the poison of anger.

The creator of the universe listens attentively to your call of pain but it is up to you to make progress on the path of your spiritual gain.

Inspiration brings relaxation to the mind.

When the mind is at peace the body becomes illuminated with the light of truth.

Where there is truthfulness all the senses will move towards the elimination of any disease.

To envision the existence of consciousness is to merge oneself with the divine

The key to unlock the treasure of the universe is your own mind. Be mindful of your thoughts for along the journey of life it will reveal itself to you.

Do not critique another person wrongfully should the return effect spill upon your own character.

You are like a fountain of pearls as precious as the clouds which float in the sky.

Tomorrow is like a cloud waiting for a new dawn. there is no mistake for it will also pass your way

Hatred is a negative force of attachment to keep hidden your true identity.

The reason you fall into difficulties is because of the mountain of desires you bring upon yourself.

When a problem arises give it some time to arrive at the right solution rather than to expect a golden star to remove it overnight.

to share the gifts of bliss and peace is the greatest joy of happiness.

For i see not with mine eyes but through my soul. The journey of life is like a dream for me to awaken from this world.

The desires of the mind lies the periphery of the soul untouched and unmoved by the wind and the rain. As the sage sits in the deepness of silence to free himself from this world.

The changeingness of the world cannot affect the unchangingness of the soul.

The present moment is the best opportunity to shape the future how you want it to be and to eliminate the mistakes of the past.

A sage-minded person is like a volcano having a force of energy far greater than the sun.

Light the pathway of your dream in company with the stars in the night.

Enlighten yourself with wisdom for you are born to have the freedom of choice and to understand that the kingdom of heaven is within your heart.

Knowledge is like a shadow of cloud passing through the mind. To follow with deep sincerity will earn all the wealth you could possibly find.

To judge another person is to deprive yourself the gift of inner peace.

Wealth is the ability to balance the use of your time.

The garment of a sage is like the flame to a lamp, to remain unstained of untruthfulness without any blame or stamp.

As the mind of a sage contented and free seek to have knowledge further than what the eyes can see.

Tranquility and peacefulness leads to wisdom, to aspire for the strength of a sage is to live with humility amongst the meek.

Whatever thoughts of truthfulness is absorb in the mind will remove any shadow of conspiracy.

Despite the many failures you encountered in the past there must be one significant achievement you should be grateful for.

Humility is an act of intelligence to give others an opportunity to educate and elevate themselves.

Look into the mirror of your subconsciousness mind and you will see clearly the direction where you have to go.

you can overturn any obstacle once you do not object to the right option.

To comprehend the value of time is the discipline which stands out the most.

To pursue knowledge deepens the mind but to aspire wisdom goes beyond the sphere of intelligence.

Those who aspire for wisdom never cease their quest until the goal is achieved.

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