The Arms Of Nature Poem by sookdeo manansingh manansingh

The Arms Of Nature

After being a prisoner
under the dark clouds
what a site to see the sun return
no matter how difficult
the challenges may be
indeed what a great lesson to learn
to witness
the arms of nature
using force to remove the spills
of human guilt
the message to spread peace
should enlighten the world
by what was built

Soon the open sky will come alive
again with the stars
clear to the mind
when the journey of life
will continue with
a newborn horizon
forward to an abundance find
the opportunity to reimagine
and co create can only
be added by faith
to dwell into the silence
after the storm
will surely lead to success
for it's never too late

As the seasons change
with time
so too the earth
has loss and gain
to accept whatever
nature brings and to be enlighten
will remove any sorrow or pain
as mother nature
pleads for humanity
to follow the right path
only then everyone will be free
look how destructive
she could be
towards her children
don't we all have eyes to see

To sow the seed of wisdom
takes a great sacrifice
of a sage
to reap the fruits
of one's character
will blossom
when the mind
is not enraged
what a nightmare
to experience
\to walk pass
and see the rivers overflow
to understand the reason
why nature must have it's way
this knowledge
we all must come to know

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