The Sonnet Of The Birds Poem by sookdeo manansingh manansingh

The Sonnet Of The Birds

To interpret the language of the birds
takes me to the deep silence of my soul
where even the fishes beneath the ocean
paints an image of their own world
the message they spread
reflects the lamp of divine
when there is a feast
to illuminate the sky and the sea
the energy of life they transcend
be opposite to any beast

with humility on their feathered wings
they grace the sky
that to enlighten other creatures
will not go unheard to the passers by
to draw from their presence
the energy of life to strengthen my faith
i salute in solidarity with their vision
of peace to live with love and not hate

in witness to their testimony
the clouds in the horizon
keep an account of what they say
that in return as petals of rain
that reaches to earth
will help to wash the sins away
how unique is nature
to blend with the leaves
and to dance to the tune
of the birds as they sing
i seek the wisdom of my ancestors
to engage my mind
for the inspiration they bring

to surrender the pleasures of the city
and to find solace in the forest
the birds move without fear
when i sit in my cottage
near to their nest
all my troubles disappear

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