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My Life Is Like A Gift

My dream is like a journey
to the moon
where i can enjoy the timelessness
of my being

Pushed To The Edge

From strips of paper
into a masterpiece of light
to put together
the dull moments

Born To Thrive

Between the weeds and pests
the vine in the garden
is born to thrive
the mind that remains focus

The Golden Cave

The cloud of ideas
put into the mind
without remorse
the sage leaves behind

Better Horizons

For all your happiness
to be remove
and to become
like a prisoner

Clouds Of Light

To think transcendental thought traffic
brings the future to light
with the waves of network
through intelligent minds

From Darkness To Light

As dark clouds
can deceive the mind
white clouds can win the heart
sometime it's easier to tell a lie

The Confidence To Fight

the mirage of the clouds
creates an island of peace
in my sight
an image of a mountain

The Arms Of Nature

After being a prisoner
under the dark clouds
what a site to see the sun return
no matter how difficult

United And Free

as a garland of lamps
we are united
like the stars in the sky
we are disciplined

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