Tessa Gaoses

The Things You Make Me Feel - Poem by Tessa Gaoses

What you bring out in me I cannot describe it
What you make me feel I cannot say it
It is tender yet strong, a passion foreign yet familiar
Like strong waves building in my veins, slowly but surely
Close to bursting loose, held in by a shred of control
This insane passion I feel has but one cause
Yes my beloved you are that cause

Your eyes the sparkling depth of green
As clear as island waters yet shadowed by pain
How I want to take that hurt away
Oh how wonderful will it be to see them filled by peace

Peace enveloping your handsome face
What I see there is sweet kindness transformed into your smile
Shy and quiet that is you, your lips so firm and gentle
Lips that whisper tender words of kindness
Yet can tease me with arrogance of a sharp mind, making me respond
Yes respond with a challenge, yet make me want to kiss them
Feel them on mine, one in a dance of love
At times tender, at times fierce
That will be a blissful oblivion

Hands big and warm, how I long for their caress
For big as they are, I know of their tender touch
How much care they can bestow, oh but they are gentle

As much as I love your physical attributes
They are but a scratch on the surface
Yes indeed, for inner beauty is what draws me to you

What I love the most is that you are a God-fearing man
You follow Gods teachings and you emulate them daily
You know that prayer is the strongest weapon to fight with
For through it God is but a breath away
And so he can hear you and he can lift you up
What woman would not want a man like that?
For I have confidence that you shall treat me right
The way God wants it, with honour and dignity

You charm me with your gentle words, spoken in a soft-tone
Words so captivating, the sound of your voice a sweet melody
Making sweet music to my ears, I can listen all day to it

Never shying away from a challenge, always up for a task
Ever the hardworking gentleman, confident in his skills
You can aim for the moon and you shall make it too
Yes I have faith that you will soar high and achieve your goals

At first you seem withdrawn but you warm easily
Those who take the trouble know of your warmth
How kind and engaging you are
Yet of the sadness in your eyes too
That amidst the warmth, you are holding back

I love your practicality and how you are a perfectionist
For I am one too but spoiled like you, I am not
You love nature as much as me, what a wonder it is
Diversely beautiful, that is Mother Nature
Ever green trees, towering mountains, vast ocean
Breath-taking desert, delicate flowers
A fresh breath of air in a troubled world

These are the things you make me feel
Things that draw me ever closer to your web
A web so complex, yet so beautiful
I want it all, your perfections and your imperfections
I want all of you to explore, and taste, and know
Oh how I wish you to want all of me too my darling

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I wrote this poem for a friend of mine. she has a huge crush on a guy but is shy to let him know so she asked me to write a poem for her. she was very happy with it, told me that I really expressed all that she felt for him.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 12, 2013

Poem Edited: Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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