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Tessa Gaoses Poems

1. Mother 4/9/2013
2. Dear Sweet Angel 4/9/2013
3. They Say 4/9/2013
4. A Comforting Whisper 4/9/2013
5. Whenever 4/9/2013
6. Silent Tears 4/9/2013
7. Exceeds Expectations 4/9/2013
8. Remembering You On Your 21st 4/9/2013
9. Death 4/9/2013
10. Loneliness 4/9/2013
11. Where Is My Happy Ending? 4/9/2013
12. A Praise For Daddy 4/9/2013
13. Life, A Treasure 4/9/2013
14. Joy Amidst Tears 4/9/2013
15. A Bundle Of Joy 4/9/2013
16. Glad To Have You 4/9/2013
17. Just Like A Rose 4/10/2013
18. My Granny 4/9/2013
19. The Things You Make Me Feel 4/12/2013
20. In Your Darkest Hour 4/9/2013
21. Praise For My Mother 4/9/2013
22. Mommy I Love You 4/9/2013
23. Sen-Sen’s Farewell To You 4/9/2013
Best Poem of Tessa Gaoses

Mommy I Love You

I know my passing pains you deeply
You look out to life so sadly
The grief at times so overwhelming
The pain of it so excruciating

You smile, you laugh, and you chat
Putting on a façade for others
Because want them you do not
To worry about you a lot

But the sorrow is ever present
In your private thoughts ever existent
I was your baby and so much you wanted
But losing me so young you never expected

Your dreams were of joy and happiness
They were of achievement and success
Graduation, career, family, grandbabies
Not pain, agony and ...

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My Granny

I know a sweet old lady
For me she prays daily

I know her warmth all too well
For always there I dwell

I know her teachings by heart
For while growing up all of them I heard

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