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The Trial Of An Entire Nation - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

Still throwing money at our problems.
Still you don't get it.
The fix is already in.
It's happening with or without your consent.
The regression into oppression.
Silence is not dissent.
Just be happily content in all your suffering.
Hope light as feather.
Someday just maybe things might just get better.
Sucking in the poison.
Trembling in fear of an unknown enemy.
Just maybe it is the enemy within.
A cast of sin.
Everyone one a little different..
Human survival so inner dependent.
I'm a society runaway.
Civil disobedience is absolutely necessary.
Carrying the signs.
Showing them we know what's going in United States.
A surveillance state.
An inverted totalitarianism.
Because it is so hidden.
Beneath all the lies.
The never ending propaganda machine.
A government completely compromised.
Corporate bought and owned.
A dollar diminishing so fast.
The jobs nonexistent.
The wages impoverished.
Food contaminated by gmos.
Water being fluoridated and polluted because they are one and the same.
Homes being seized by banks that lied.
Whole cities going bankrupt.
We are becoming a third world nation.
Indefinite detention without due process.
War crimes committed with no consequences.
Corporate run government agencies.
Whistle blowers hunted after to the ends of the earth.
Making raids on medical facilities in states that disagree with current federal laws.
Debt piling up like no tomorrow.
Too many wars on too many fronts.
Spread too thin.
And they are already lost.
Power is still consolidating and concentrating.
Somebody has been sleeping at the helm.
Wake up, wake up.
Just wake up, wake up.
Wake up before it is too late.
Because we are drowning in the ashes.
Designed to burn the principles of this country down.
Moral objectivity.
Where is that?
Doing the right thing.
Regardless of consequences or reward.
Where are the real investigative journalist in main stream media?
Do they even exist?
An unbiased point view.
Not this world that they betray.
It is so skewed.
Question everything you think you know to be true.
Because we are all really ignorant in someway.
Accept nothing that has not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
The motto of a jury an it's out.

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