(anti Greed Poem) Childs Demons Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

(anti Greed Poem) Childs Demons

Rating: 2.9

The demon speaks to me.
He writes all these squiggly lines.
They glow and come alive.
They become these characters dancing upon the pages in my mind.
Each one has his own name.
Jacob, John, Sarah and James.
Brothers sisters the way it should be.
A dad that always been their.
A mom that actually cares.
A refuge from the dead place I live in everyday.
A mastery of plays.
A white picket fence, painted so perfectly.
Erected out a child imagination.
Please he needs to be fed.
Can you not see hes living in filth and starvation.
But we always turn away.
Just burn it all to the ground.
Its okay just look into the clouds.
Ignorance is bliss but if you take it too far it becomes the ugliest indifference.
The creature manifest and comes to his own.
He starts corrupting the hearts and souls within.
Greed will be his tool to the absence minded fools.
To busy staring at their t.v.
Playing with their nifty gadgets.
Driving their fancy cars nice and warm.
No care in the world.
Why should they ever have to?
To blame, we should all have to write of what we are ashamed.
The nameless name.
A hollow tube stuck down some old mans throat not because he will live any longer.
But because it does not pay if he dies.
The world has been compromised.
Confidential are so many of the lies.
Put it all in the open.
Show us the contract in which sign on too the slavery of society that doesn't care about you.
Their is no golden rule that will forever protects you.
Go ahead just try to write something in stone.
A realization that in the end that you might be all alone.
Love is not freely given.
But always expected in return.
Always expected in return.

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