The Trials And Tribulations Of Job Poem by kipper Stagg

The Trials And Tribulations Of Job

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And Job who was a God fearing man, and worshiped the lord and carried about his duties as best he could, looked upon his life when it was all done and questioned God saying
'Did I sin? Was I not your most humble servant, fearing you? Honouring you and worshipping you? '

'Yes' said God ' none where so true and faithful as you! '

'Then answer me this asked Job? why put such pains upon a man as he lives his life so full of strife
And pain and sadness? '

'As a test 'said God! To see how far pain could go until a man such as you breaks and looses faith!

But lord! Surely you can see into mans heart and know who's righteous and faithful? Why the need to test and tease a sole if you can truly see?

God replied! ' I may see into a man's sole yet Satan can not so a test I gave you to show him the true ways of faith! '

'But is that not gambling' asked Job questioningly 'and is gambling not a sin! To whom do you answer for such short fallings? '

God was not pleased with jobs questioning and pride took over.

'You have earned your place in haven, now stop questioning me and be happy with what I have given you for there are many who would trade places for what you have! '

Job replied 'paradise I may have but the memories of your spite I can not forget and all this pain for just one Bet? '

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