The True Love Of A Man Poem by Zotena Moses

The True Love Of A Man

Rating: 5.0

The band between two adults in true love is like the band between the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, Which can never be broken.

Love, the greatest gift of nature for the matured
The most amazing experience a man can have in his life time
It makes the young old and the old younger.

A man in love is like a hungry eagle in the highest height of the sky,
Looking for a prey to devour.
In jealousy he watches over the steps of his love,
Like a thief he monitors her door post.

A man in love is like a young prophet drunk in the spirit of prophecy
Like a native dancer filled with the sweet temping sounds of the local drums.
To men, she's nothing but a hopeless being,
To him she's everything.
As the moonlight rules the night,
As the sunlight rules the day,
She rules his heart in love.
She's light in his darkness
(You know exactly what am talking about)

He feels like telling the whole world the good gift heaven as bless him with,
A lovely angel in a human skin.
To him she as no wrong
Else he keeps his mind on nothing else.

A man in love is like a red belt karate master fighting for his honor
Like a thoughtless spender
He spend his last dam
Trying to hold on to her love
In his lonely moments he breathe her deep in his soul
He gives her a love so beautiful
A love so sweet
A love so caring
A man in true love never abuse his love,
Never treat her bad
Cause if she left
Your dream goes with her
Your comfort goes with her
Your heart beat goes with her
Your strength goes with her
Your joy goes with her
She left, she left with everything
She's the inspiration of your thought
You think of her you fall in love again
With all his heart he loves her
He takes away her loneliness
He loves her more than she thinks of
She's the treasure of his heart
Yes, he looks foolish after the argument
Yet, the band between two adults in true love grows stronger even after the fight.

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