God Versus Man. Poem by Zotena Moses

God Versus Man.

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Can a man forget his soul and yet live?
Can a man forget his flesh and yet breathe?
How be a man forget His Spirit and yet love?
What a man knoweth not, how can he worship?
Thou re born of the bible
Letters form thou name
How can thou deny God's word when they are written on thou skin?
Or can a man run away from His light yet escape from his darkness?
The breath of the Alpha made thou soul,
The everlasting written on the scripture made though flesh
How easy for the descendants of this generation to hunger after vanity
How easy for a man to forget his covenant

How can a child forget his father
And not become fatherless?
Yet the youths whom I father have spit on my altar
The youths have sued me to court
Judges have rising among them to judge the Alpha & the Omega
A warranty has been issued by their captains to
I have no pride in the youths anymore
My word have they buried
My fear have they deny

I am the beginning and the end
The glory and the lifter up of men
To my reign there's no end
For everlasting my covenant stands sure
My mercy endures forever among the sons of men
I stand still, I shall judge the fear of men
They shall be still before me

Blessed is the man that prays for these youths
For their latter glory shall be greater than their former
The infinity shall have mercy on their ignorance
I shall lift them unto my throne forever
I the doer of all things have spoken
Let every man tell his neighbor
For the glory of the latter rain is here.
I await your repentance.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: religious
Chinedu Dike 10 February 2017

Beautiful piece of poetry elegantly brought forth with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing Adolphus.

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Adolphus Moses 14 August 2016

thanks dear poet.... it's beautiful to know you went through it... I appreciate.

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Hans Vr 22 June 2016

A poem with a very useful message I like the way you put it in words.

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