To The Unknown Preacher Poem by Zotena Moses

To The Unknown Preacher

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This is written to that preacher of the gospel out there who lives as if he doesn't live. That one out there who is struggling to be heard or recognized. To the early morning town criers, to that man who has become a tenant on the prayer mountain. To you who as said no to the fast track in ministry and decide to wait patiently on God in holiness, truth and spirit. To that one who can't even feed his family right now. Non pay his kids fees. Now is your time. Hold on tight, a new page has just been open. Congratulations...


Secret preacher
please have some faith
your love for the gospel had prevailed
now, till the end let your faith prevail.

Unknown preacher
from your youth you've been separated for the Cross
not for ones have you complained
in your dwelling is righteousness
in your blood is holiness
justice is in your breath
your eyes is full of purity
Oooh! Secret preacher
don't look back now
please, have some faith.

A Lion you have been on the mountains
destiny pillar you have been to us
debt payer you have been
secretly you have built our nation
yet your fame may never been known among men
Hmmmm! Secret preacher
please have some Faith.

In your tattered cloths
the street calls you mad
men calls you jobless
the prayer masters calls you homeless
your cloths had not been washed
your rent had not been payed
your stomach had not been fed
wipe your tears, unknown preacher
Look unto your Master for answers.

You that dine in mysteries
teach us the part of the ancient
soak us in the deep waters
teach us the morning cry
the mysteries of the heavens
keep the altar burning, o-secret preacher
That we may live

Unless you are revealed
man will never know you
the beasts honor you
nature obeys you
your impart shall live with us forever
But your fame may never be known

Don't give up o- General
In a little while your master
shall compensate you
with crowns of glory
with purest garments
with everlasting peace
In his glorious home.
O unknown preacher
please have some Faith.

To The Unknown Preacher
Monday, March 2, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: spirituality
Kingsley Egbukole 04 March 2020

A beautiful poem of encouragement. Thanks for sharing

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Adolphus Moses 25 March 2020

Thanks for taking your time to read. God bless you.

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