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The Truth

Life is an adventure for the desired soul who is willing and able to face the authenticity and the cruelty of the people who inhabit the world we are so diligently positioned on. For some who take the vindictiveness that we endure everyday because of the people who do not distinguish that this world is occupied by numerous other people than just themselves… they do not comprehend that we all have different states of minds…. We can’t all be the same… individuality is among one of the most important things us as human beings can apprehend…Individuality is who you are and who you want to be…. Don’t change who you are to please your appeal to others that intimidate or antagonize you…. You are who you are and that’s all you should be….The people who desire to reside true to themselves and not change their life to fit others philosophy are criticized by the people who find delight in the anxiety they deposit on to them….they turn the harassment they place onto the individual into a pleasurable act and become addicted to the sensation they get from the individuals reactions to the meaningless, and insensitive malice they put on to them….What they are actually committing is a crime of satisfaction because the individuals they inflict pain onto are essentially dyeing from the spitefulness bestowed on them….Wouldn’t that be a crime punishable by law….shouldn’t that be a crime punishable by law… in reality the leading cause of suicide is the brutality they endure because they want to be able to live their lives like they want to live them….Isn’t it funny how the mockery is said to be a horrifying topic and is said that it will soon end…but it never will…no one is in truth really helping to solve the problem that is staring us right in the face….. And in that there are more people who take their own life over the fate they have to tolerate everyday… People are blind to the fate that so many of us suffer through on a daily basis… some who see the pain we have are to petrified to come forth and speak the truth….. But the truth will set countless lives free from the clutches of the retched evils that consume our lives… the fate of the many is in the hands of the few that decide to stand up and help fight the war with the people who desire to live their lives the way God intended us to live them… free from the aspect of cruelty, and hatred thrust upon us…. So we can live our lives to the full extent so many of us reach for but can’t grasp because of the people who hold us back from our destiny….

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