The Truth For You (Jlw!) Poem by Lost Sierra

The Truth For You (Jlw!)

I was randomly selected to sit in while you shared your joy
to teach and try to inspire us younger children.
I never expected anything more than you just being another face I met
along the way of finding my place in the world.

Though, some where in that year something happened.
I'm not sure what but every since then I saw something in you.
Someone who was caring, positive, funny, and complex.

Over the years, you became my navigator
always pointing me into the right direction.
Leading me with your words of wisdom
giving me the inpression you would listen.

You were like anyone I had ever met.
You're presence and smile gave me hope
and the state of mind to always be positive.

I was so glad to have met you.
This was a strange and unexpected
friendship that I was hoping would last forever.

Things change and people grow apart is what they told me.
Though I wasn't ready to let go even though it apperead that way.
I was not ready to spread my wings and fly just yet.
I needed you by side and still wish you were here.

Even though we are distant I'm still learning things from you
and I'm very thankful for that. Though, I wish you'd please
give me a reason why things turned out the way they did.
I wish you'd answer all my unanswered questions
I have for you.

I know there will be things never said and things
I'll never have the answer too but there are a few
answers that I do have that I'd like to share with you.
You're still apart of my life and always will be.
I've come to realize you're irreplaceable.
I wish you the best

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