The Unconditional Love Of A Dog Poem by Francis Duggan

The Unconditional Love Of A Dog

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Great stories of love people love to recall
But unconditional love is the greatest love of all
The sort of love that a human to another human cannot give
Though your dog will love you for as long as she or he live,
A fact of life many do like to deny
That unconditional love to humans rarely does apply
But your dog will love you till the day he or she does die
And that is a fact and facts never lie
Eight years ago the last dog I had old Jedder passed away
With fondness and sadness I recall her today
To me so devoted she was a true friend
Her love for me unconditional till her very end
The unconditional love of a dog for her or his human master is an amazing thing
Though of the praises of such a love few ever do sing.


i know the feeling for my dog name spot has marked me forever in my heart, the day he died I died that day too and when i think of that I still feel blue just recently my dog tigger Also died, and i cried he left me a son by the name of tee simple put he means the world to me......... dogs are really best friends. :)

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