The Unseen Hand Poem by zaheer uddin

The Unseen Hand

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The Unseen Hand

A rainbow coloured butterfly
flits from flower to flower
a beetle hovering not too far
whispers secrets to the flower- -
a law is here for all to see
an unseen hand behind the scenes- -
the beetles and the butterflies
impregnate the virgin flower- -

A tiny seed bursts
through the earth
basking in the warm sunshine
a promise of the butterflies
made to the dying flower- -

A child is born
at the crack of dawn
the earth just takes another form
to propogate life-

The mother and the little child
share a distinct bond
the miracle of birth precedes
the unifying bond-
The miracle is so intense
the mind cannot concieve
who is the one responsible
for such design and form-

Why do we have these crops that grow
from seeds we scatter in the ground
We never have the time to think
what are these little seeds that grow
in golden wheat and barley leaves
and orchards full of fruits- - -

Why are there mates for everyone
the beasts and men have pairs in them
two and two for birds that fly
and fish that swim in waters deep-

There is someone, somewhere up there
who snatches night away from day
who paints the world with autumn hues
and softly brings forth summer blooms- -

what makes the earth obey a law
why does the earth rotate the sun
who sends these showers from the sky
to give life to the barren earth- - - -
Who puts the fire in the tree
and colours in the butterflies
who makes the waters rise and fall
and makes the moon play with the tides- - -

who made the coloured birds that fly
in forests and the open skies
the deer and the beasts of prey
that jump and dash across the woods
the little fish that dart and swim
in oceans full of mysteries
are signs for those who can reflect
upon the unseen hand at work- -

These fruits we eat
these crops we grow
the cattle that we proudly raise
are made for no mysterious end
except to satisfy our needs- -

We're so much like the flower that blooms
its beauty is for all to see
and then it dies before our eyes
and sends forth seeds for more- -

Nosheen Irfan 25 April 2016

Wonderful piece of writing. Well conceived and well crafted.

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Zaheer Uddin 21 August 2017

Thanks nousheen for your kind words - been going thru your poems r theyre all awesome

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