The Violence Poem by Laura arwen

The Violence

The violence is a
terrible frustration
and it forbids to love
The violence is a witchcraft
this means to be crucified
The violence is an abuse
for the innocents
The bad people are the molesters
and speculators while the good
people are the operators of the
darling and the love
My lovers are my good people
A small donation could
cheat the bad people
Maybe the drug or to be alcoholic isn't
the best thing for surmount the violence
The violence put in the cross
the innocents and the poors
The violence is a difficult
matter for who hasn't tried it
The violence isn't a protest
but is an ill-treatment
Jesus pardons the victims
because they have
pride and hope
The violence is an
horrible event
The violence hurts
as soul as heart
The violence is a
disgusting thought
For many people the
violence mustn't exist
but for somebody is a
lead and an amusement
It's scandalous to say
that the violence is
a pity but it is
a piecing tear
I have fear and anger
to confront the violence
The violence is a long
and big matter
to speak with a
real person
I'm against
the violence cause
is an obsession
and provokes the dependence
from the money and
the success
Why exist the violence?
There isn't the answer
cause everybody makes it
Maybe in the future there is
a hope that the violence
doesn't exist
Sometimes somebody thinks
that the violence is in the base
of a culture's nation
I want to finish
the violence
cause isn't human
for the world
The violence is
a sentence

Thursday, December 22, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: violence
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