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I love my
I'm strong when
I'm alone

I believe in
the real world
I believe in
the friendship and

The racism erases
the beautiful memories
and it believes
in the perfect

It's difficult to
be a woman
In these times
to be a

I hate surprises
because they give
you many troubles
Personally I don't

Immortality is charming
and magical
I believe that
immortality is a

Every now and
then I have
periods of worry
too absurd and

I would sleep
all day just
to fantasize freely
I hate people

I'm tired to
not have my
personal space
Often I'm bored

I'm exhausted to
have many hypothetical
plans for the

Lately the essence
of silence has
been lost
It's a pity

My chaos is
very catastrophic and
I need to

Everyone has got
a secret personality
Sometimes I'm glad
to not share

Once in a
while I dream
to pass some
dirty moments with

In every moment
I feel fragile
and insecure
There's something wrong

I want always
fulfill my duties
I have many
reasons to stay

I'm not used
to stay with
I feel terrible

I belong to
the shadow
We all end
in the shadow

I feel broken
all the time
Nowadays I feel
a little empty

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Another Version Of Me

I love my
I'm strong when
I'm alone
I feel too
much emotions
I want to
be totally free
to do what
I have in
I adore doing
the same things
I'm friendless and
I'm strenghtless when
I write and
read a lot
I want so
many things that
I try to
change myself uselessly
I'm exhausted to
be perpetually undecided
I'm an obsessed
I don't wanna
make experience because
I feel bad
and awkward
It's not in
my personality to
have charisma, a
strong will and
I need something
romantic like sweet
kisses and delicate
I'm wrong for
this world and
sometimes I'm intimidated
by what
Sometimes I fear
too much of
the darkness and
of my shadow
I want to
cook for my
future family

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hzhhsusbsu 25 June 2018

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Bill Cantrell 26 November 2016

Laura is a poet that lets her emotions pen the page, she is an original rarity which I find most delightful in today's poetic climate

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Enjoy life every day

Always be who you are

Be grateful of what you have.

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