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Another Version Of Me

I love my
I'm strong when
I'm alone

I Believe

I believe in
the real world
I believe in
the friendship and

The Racism

The racism erases
the beautiful memories
and it believes
in the perfect

To Be A Woman

It's difficult to
be a woman
In these times
to be a

Insidious Surprises

I hate surprises
because they give
you many troubles
Personally I don't

Laura arwen Quotes

27 March 2021

Enjoy life every day

05 May 2021

Always be who you are

18 June 2021

Be grateful of what you have.

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Bill Cantrell 26 November 2016

Laura is a poet that lets her emotions pen the page, she is an original rarity which I find most delightful in today's poetic climate

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