Piece Of Me Poem by Laura arwen

Piece Of Me

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I would sleep
all day just
to fantasize freely
I hate people
to talk about
me and judge
Well I think
I'm perfect and
impeccable to be
alone for all
my life
I want to
be a great
I dream to
go to different
pubs to know
someone and to
I'm not completely
calm because I
miss the sense
of adventure and
the order
Often I dream
to have a
good job and
to live in
a big and
shining house
I have no
expectations for my
future because there
is no guarantee
I suppose that
my presence is
unpleasant for other
I feel ill
at ease and
irritated when I'm
with other people
Staying with myself
is a comforting
Sometimes being alone
hurts very much
my soul and
my pride

Sunday, August 28, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: myself
Dr Antony Theodore 05 October 2018

Sometimes being alone hurts very much my soul and my pride...... too much of an introjection may not be good.. Social life and its joys are necessary.... coping with the situation by being yourself and be confident you are loveable...... will help you out and boost your energy. very good poem and makes suggestion to all those who have self doubts to react properly to lively situations of life. thank u for your advises.. tony

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Hans Vr 28 August 2016

How nicely you describe here the double edged sword of solitude. It can be so nice to retire from society after a busy day with lots of judgements and problems. But at the same time if we cherish this too much our soul aches for love and kindness Somehow we were made in a way that true happiness lies in turning a smile someones face. Once we manage to ignore the nasty comments of nasty people (which are always a minority!) , we can start enjoying to share the love and kindness that was put in our heart at birth, by giving it freely to anyone we meet. There is this inexhaustible source of love deep inside. Nice and thought provoking poem, Laura.

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Laura Arwen 28 August 2016

thank you for your comment

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Edward Kofi Louis 28 August 2016

Dream! ! And hope; I want to be a great Queen. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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