The Wages Of Sin Poem by Tiana Isaac

The Wages Of Sin

Death constantly knocking on my door
Pay your debt
Give your life
That's the wages of sin
Locked in the space of fear
Griped by anxiety
Burdened with sin
I need help came my silent whisper
I can't pay this debt
Can't give my life
The wages of sin
Such a price to pay
I can't pay this debt
But I can came his firm yet gentle voice
Let me take your burden
Let me bear your cross
The wages of sin is death
Let me die your death
Yes He did
Now I am free
Only Jesus can pay the wages of sin

Bri Edwards 24 June 2023

I'd lean towards giving your poem 4 stars, but I see none to give. And, even though I no longer share your religious beliefs, I like your poem. You are NOT a Republican, ARE YOU! ?

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Bri Edwards 24 June 2023

I no longer believe in Jesus, BUT I think I can assure you that you WILL die a human death SOMEDAY. Maybe it will not be an Eternal Death, but YOU will DIE.

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Tiana Isaac 26 June 2023

There's no doubt humans die, but I will not die eternally. This gives me so much joy and confidence. JESUS PAID MY DEBT OF SIN AND NOW I AM ETERNALLY SAVED. YOU TOO CAN EXPERIENCE THIS UNDYING LOVE OF CHRIST. I'm so happy you took out time to read my poem. I really do appreciate that.

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Tiana Isaac 26 June 2023

sure every human will die but there's hope for those who are in Christ. there's hope of ETERNAL LIFE AFTER DEATH. that gives my so much JOY and CONFIDENCE AS I SERVE THE LORD. My sins are forgiven, JESUS HAS PAID THE DEBT OF DEATH FOR ME. I AM SAVED ETERNALLY. YOU TOO CAN.

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Bri Edwards 24 June 2023

line 6: oops! 'Gripped', I'm sure you meant. Check out your line: 'But I can came his firm yet gentle voice' I suggest proofreading several times, INCLUDING after submitting/publishing on PH. Welcome to PH. ;)

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Tiana Isaac 26 June 2023


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