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The Warrior's Tale - Poem by cheryl davis miller

I was moving across rough terrain
pressing thru a thick veil of night.
When there on the knoll just above
I beheld a small flickering light.
My heart leapt within my breast
I quickened my pace then I ran.
When I finally arrived at the sight
I beheld a battle worn man.

He sat huddled close to the fire
And seemed mesmerised by the flame.
I thought I might slip out of sight
then I heard him call me by name.
I turned and looked into his eyes
and seemed frozen there where I stood.
He called, ' Come get warmed and rest
share my shelter here in the wood.'

As I drew near and sat down
his gaze returned to the fire.
While we sat I snuck glimpses of him
and my young heart longed to inquire.
'What brought you here Kind Sir,
to share with me this fine fire
and in return for said deed
what is it that you will require'?

'And what was the cause of the scars
you're bearing from head to toe
I don’t mean to press or seem rude
but Kind Sir, it seems I must know'?
He drew a deep breath and exhaled,
it seemed calm exuded from him.
I wondered if he would respond
then he turned toward me with a grin.

You must be gathering strength
which you spend as quick as you gain.
When you question wait to receive
if the answer you wish to retain.
I am here waiting for you
and others who share the same plight.
Lone wanderers here in the wood
struggling on through the night.

The scars your eyes try to avoid
are medals from battles long past.
Just part of a lifetime of war
old friends these reminders stand fast.
If they spoke then you’d hear them tell
of battles and victories gained.
Of enemies camps over run
and poor captive souls reclaimed.

I listened as he explained
how two Kingdoms had long been at war.
Of the battles now long since past
and of battles that still lay in store.
How his King, Himself led the charge
while the foe sent those he’d ensnared.
As the fire light danced in his eyes
thru the night his adventure he shared.

One by one others came forth
seeking warmth and shelter in the Light.
And the words sparked a fire in their hearts
as the warrior spoke on thru the night.
And some how as we lay by the fire
Lone wanderers hearts became one.
And vision united our cause
when the warriors tale had been spun.

We arose from our place of rest
to a clear and distinct sound.
To the Voice, of the Mighty King
As He gathered His soldiers around.
And a thrill envelopes our soul
as the sound of the battle drums roll.
And it stirs the Blood in our veins
as the whole camp roars our God Reigns! ! ``````````````

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