The Wise One Is A Man Of Few Words Poem by Francis Duggan

The Wise One Is A Man Of Few Words

The wise one is a man of few words he does not belong to a Social Club
He has a glass of wine after supper he is never at the Local Pub
Most who know him think that he is not wise since he has so little to say
Feel lucky they say that if from him you get a hello or good day
He has grown wise from mixing with wise people from wise elders insights he does gain
And he is one who is a good listener and the wisdom he has learnt he retain
None ever go to him for advice they say of life what would he know
They do not believe he's a wise one they say no this cannot be so
But Joe his near neighbour who knows him better than most do with their thinking on him does not agree
He says there is more knowledge and wisdom in his mind than the combined local community
And yet he does not flaunt his wisdom or he does not crave local or widespread esteem
He appears ordinary and quiet spoken though more the pity that does seem
People like him never become leaders we follow the fool leader like sheep
But like an old saying worth remembering quiet waters do always run deep.

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