Cutters Lullaby Poem by Sadie Vanity

Cutters Lullaby

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Go to sleep close your eyes and dream of broken butterfly's who tore their wings against a thorn you know the pain that they have born
silver metal shine so bright scarelet blood that feels so right
dream of blood trickeling down and wake up just befor you drown
the moonlight shining off your tears as you bleed out your own worst fears
so tonight when you start to cry whisper the cutters lullaby
hushaby baby your almost dead you dont have a pulse and your pillows red
your family hates you, your friends let you bleed, sleep tight with a knife its all that you need
rockabye baby broken and scared you didnt know life would be so hard
time to end the pain you hide so well and down will come baby stright back to hell.

John Fenstermaker 14 December 2012

This is probably my favorite poem. As a cutter the words mean a lot to me. I too have tried to stop as do many of us cutters but have never been able too. The pain I feel when I cut isn't anything comparable to the pain of my past. Keep a smile in your heart and no one will ever be able to tell your pain on the outside.

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Karli Crawford 10 July 2012

I can relate to this poem a lot. People judge others because their different. People judged me because I cut. I tried to stop but that didn't work. Anyways. Stay strong and keep hope. Forever and Always.

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Kate Battye 28 December 2011

AWESOME POEM! ! ! ! ! ! I can totally relate to this...: (

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Ashleymarie love 01 May 2009

what many people don't understand is that sometimes the physical pain is just a relief so that you forget about the emotional pain that you feel inside

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Ah... sweet i like it!

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