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I awoke this morning
to find you
sleeping in my arms
if only in my dreams

Kisses, more than sublime
Give me life
Give me light that shines
Now give me all that we are

And the snow falls down
We watch it through the window
Gently draping all in pristine, unbroken white...

I awaken to the sound
Of morning music:
Your deep, soothing voice
Singing in the shower

A long night ahead, I fear
With all these demons
Racing about and
Screeching in my head

I cried, and
he told me to come.


i look toward the sunlight
turn my back against the night
everything has changed
and everything has changed me

Equipped with nothing,
only pieces of my past.
I make my way across
my life a broken, beaten

heals all wounds
or maybe,
It hides our scars

Give me some time
I’ll be a little better
Give me some hope
And I’ll be a little stronger


My head in my hands,
Your name on my lips

And the icy winter wind

Oh, my Mortal Love
In the years since I began to unravel

I know
There’s something
In this weight in my chest

On this night
candles light this ballroom
drape the faces of our friends
in golden warmth

I write
For the love of the words

I write for snowflakes and

I ask the questions
And so you deny
I walk the corridor
Now it’s goodbye

(For you, James. You are the fire in my veins)

And so it begins again,
This dance we do.

Sometimes it seems
I always write the ground
I never write the stars, the clouds
Sometimes I write the ocean

There’s a shimmer of magic in the air
As thunder roars above
As rain erupts from the sky

I am only a moment
a breath
a heartbeat
a flicker of warmth

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The Best Poem Of Raymond J Wright

All My Life

I awoke this morning
to find you
sleeping in my arms
if only in my dreams

when I crawled from my blankets
I still felt you on my skin,
tasted on my lips all the places
they had been...

...and with every single breath lingers
the scent of all your sweetness...

I swear to God above
that if given a pure chance
I would take you in my arms
and love you all my life

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Francesca Johnson 21 November 2006

Great poetry, Ray. You put your heart and soul into it, and it's a pleasure to read. Keep writing. Love, Fran xxx

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