Green Peace

Things And Their Possessor - Poem by Green Peace

The pen is made for the writer,
The arms and ammunition is the costume of the soldier,
The musical instruments awaiting the musicians,
The diseases waiting for the cure of the physicians,
The game is played by the player,
The song is sung by the singer,
The machines are designed for the engineer,
The axe, saw and the tractors are mercifully
lying for the farmer,
The constitution of the universe is studied
by the cosmographer,
The unknown future, the horoscope, the zodiac
is predicted by the astrologer,
Politics welcomes ministers,
Cases are won by lawyers,
Author is the possessor of the books,
Models are attracted for their looks,
Hilarious, lugubrious news are collected
by journalists,
GDP, GNP, ND-PM, NNP and national income
are calculated by an economist,
Money is wealth and treasury made
for an millionaire,
Scarcity, filth and poverty is the banner of a beggar,
Things and their possessor can never be separated,
They are ever full, ever one and ever saturated,
Love, compassion, sympathy and forgiveness
are for one and all,
We shall be a united liberation and
united nation and never from unity a fall.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, October 13, 2008

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