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I'm an ardent lover of books. I love scribbling poems, painting, dancing and making new friends.
Poetry has always been my passion since childhood and I wanted to see my name in this succulent genre of literature.Poetry is my highest pleasure and I've scribbled poems about nature, man, feminism, metaphysics, ontology, beauty etc. Emily Dickinson, ...

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Money can buy costumes but not beauty
Money can buy idols but not devotion
Money can buy books but not wisdom and knowledge
Money can buy bed but not rest and sleep

A New Road

different roads to reach'Him'
ample ways to meet the 'Gateway'
all vehicles in heavy momentum
on the move attaining dignified dignity

A Tribute To Mother Teresa

A helping hand,
To the emancipated,
To the hated,
To the poor,

All That Makes A Difference.............

Different roads, different countries
Different cultures, different customs
Different rites, different rituals
Different lingua franca, different food


Friendship is like a bunch of flowers tied together,
Happiness and solitude for some auspicious moments rather.
Friendship bears the sorrows and happiness of two souls,
It also bears misfortunes and disasters in various moulds.

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Peggy Dreger 14 January 2020

What do the poets Homer, john Milton, Willim Worddsworth, and Peggy Dreger have in common? A. they are all too visually impaired to read poem hunter security code.

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Kirubel Regassa 11 April 2019

I am doing a presentation on you for the poem you wrote called Money. in my opinion it was a great poem and wanted to say keep going on with the poems. Gr 8

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Abhay Vignesh L 10 March 2011

Read some of your poems.You have great aptitude for verse.Nurture it.Keep writing.

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