A Storm Poem by Green Peace

A Storm

Rating: 5.0

the salvation sublimated
the attractions have annihilated
the belongingness merged into wholeness
the shadows of my dark desires converged into a gargantuan ocean-
the silence emerged no more woolly babbling

only gazing and realisations
neither longings nor expectations
such 'Thine' weird, astounding transformation
from a futile desert to fruitful plantations.

Aryabod Siharyvani 29 November 2008

Nice Words i like it.....hope you like my poem keep on the good work mate

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Sid John Gardner. 29 November 2008

Nice work Jahangir, Sid

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Neha Aradhye 09 December 2008

that was so nice.. specially-the belongingness merged into wholeness

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Siddharth Singh 27 July 2009

From futile deserts to fruitful plantations... Beautiful.

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Eyan Desir 25 May 2009

Initeresting and nice.............

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Kesav Easwaran 12 December 2008

peace out of storm or peace of storm...or peace storming in...well, what is important in life is peace only...come, any way a good insightful write...ocean deep...10

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Sathyanarayana M V S 12 December 2008

That is surely a great thought and great poetry. If it is really happening to u and if u can sustain it; then u are on the right path.................10+++++++++

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Min Sia 09 December 2008

Very deep..yet..a storm covering..changing what has to be change.... Powerful words.. Great poem!

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