Diana van den Berg

Veteran Poet - 1,290 Points (4 November 1945 / Durban, South Africa)

This Thing - Poem by Diana van den Berg

Intended for one in particular, but equally warmly available to anyone who wants it

There is this thing
that I would like to do for you,
but I don’t know how.
I learn lots of new things every day,
but I haven’t yet learned the best way to do this yet,
so forgive me, if you will, my clumsiness
and please know I mean well,
which isn’t enough, of course, I know,
but it is a necessary introduction
to what I have to say.

All my life, I have never wanted
to be intrusive,
yet paradoxically
I have always wanted to fix things –
sometimes what is not even broken.
So, ignore this if you find this meddling.

I would love to be able
to be there for you at all times
and to bring you
an unconditional inner and ever joy
even in the midst of pain and woe,
and rainbows after rain
and everything you need
as opposed to everything you want,
and to answer all your questions,
but I can’t.

However, I have a wonderful friend
who can do this for you –
I know this because He has done it for me for 65 and five sixth years –
He is an even better friend to me than you are.
His name is God.

You want proof of his existence?
Do you honestly believe that the inner organs of a butterfly and humankind
and the minds of men and the workings of a computer
and the beauty of the Earth
and the Goodness of all
(for even the “worst” of us -
and who are we to decide who is Good and who is Bad? -
have an inner core of Goodness –
or Godness, as you will)
could happen all by itself
or be created by an evil creator?

You want to know how to contact him?
Well, you don’t need airtime
on your cellphone
nor his email address,
nor his postal address,
nor do you need to make an appointment
to visit his consulting rooms
nor do you need to pay for consultations;
you simply open your heart
and say His name -
you don’t even need to do it vocally –
you can do it silently
in your heart.

And what hours is he available?
He is available 24/365¼
for He neither slumbers nor sleeps.

And what language should you speak?
Speak whatever language you like
but speak it in the dialect of your heart.

And what should you say?
Say whatever is in your heart,
be it good, bad or ugly,
but say it with sincerity
and with a humble hunger for His reply.

And how will you hear and understand his reply?
To hear and understand His reply,
be receptive to Him.
His reply will come in any form,
perhaps in a flower, or a snowstorm, or in words,
expected or unexpected,
immediately or in time,
when you are truly ready.

And how confidential is your conversation?
It is as confidential as you want it to be.
You can share it with the world or keep it to yourself.
The choice is yours.

And what must you do to be part of his circle?
Repent of your sins with a contrite heart
and confess them to Him
and ask His forgiveness
and for the ability to forgive yourself
and put your sins behind you
and accept His Son, Christ as your saviour
and you will enter the Gates of Heaven
when your time comes.
To be part of his circle
you simply need to want to be part of His circle.
He is for everyone.

If you contact him will he bug you continually as some salespeople do?
No, he is never intrusive. He says,
“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock:
if any man hear my voice, and open the door,
I will come in to him, and will sup with him,
and he with me.”

And now, may I have the privilege of introducing you? –
God, this is (as you know much better than I, lol) , your child and my friend.
My friend, this is God, my best friend and He wants to be your best friend too
but the choice is ever up to you.

(28 August 2011)

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