This Year's Best Christmas Tree Ever

Rating: 5.0

Like many families who believe in Christmas
either religious or spiritually
Deborah and I set out each year
in search of our perfect tree.

And we usually find it right away…
with so many trees to choose this is a plus
Which always makes me wonder if we are choosing the tree
or if the tree is choosing us?

Because when we stand it up…when we look it over
when around it's trunk we roam
we smile simultaneously knowing…this one's coming home

And when we add our ornaments
with their corresponding memories
it transforms from just another Frasier Fir
into our family Christmas tree.

Each ornament adds to the story of our life
as we've watched our family grow
most are significant only to us
and carry meanings only we would know.

There's an ornament for Whitman (what a great dog he was)
and Ryan's baby shoes
that old photo of Ali and me at the cabin,
Bryan's manatee and pickles for the grandchildren too.

And each year when we're finished trimming
Deborah marvels and always adds,
"I think this years Christmas tree
is the best Christmas tree we've ever had! "

And that was true one year ago…
but with this tree I can avow
we've added another year of memories
to place upon her boughs.

So as wonderful as last year's tree was
it's the new memories we've amassed
that make this year's Christmas tree the best tree…
and so much better than the last.

In that way our Christmas tree is a little like our life…
we fill it with memories of our joys, our laughters…our tears
And just like our life…our Christmas tree…
gets a little better every year.

I suppose that's why when the right tree speaks to us…
both Deborah and I are glad
Knowing it will take its rightful place
as the best Christmas tree we've ever had.