Those Terrible Dust Bowl Days Poem by Marilyn Lott

Those Terrible Dust Bowl Days

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It took place back in the 1930s
And it was called the dust bowl days
Folks tried to scrape out a living
As dust storms left their world in a haze

There was a drought in Oklahoma
Dust storms took over their home
No food or jobs could be found
They had to pack up and begin to roam

They couldn’t seal their homes enough
The dust continued to sift through
Can you just imagine what it would be like
If this were to happen to you?

Some starved and froze in the winter
Folks lost new babies in the cold
It was a nightmarish time
Such sad stories later were told

It is almost impossible to imagine
It continues today to amaze
Thinking about what folks went through
In those terrible dust bowl days!

A human 24 April 2018

Good I think it is very good.

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David Threadgold 19 September 2008

Hi Marilyn. A great historical account of a bad time in rhyme and so well written.10. Regards Dave T

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Karen Cook-McLain 19 September 2008

Another fine poem by a very talented writer.

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Marilyn Lott

Marilyn Lott

Washington state USA
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