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My pinstripe suit sits waiting
Freshly cleaned and neatly pressed
For a most important meeting
Where I need to look my best

Fishermen cast out their nets
We all in turn go fishing
Some will use a rod and line
While others fish by wishing

Look beyond the stars and planets
Through the vastness of deep space
To the edge of mans own vision
Travel to this unknown place

I remember my first days at school
How the building seemed so big
I remember where I hung my coat
By the picture of a pig

Up to my knees in the pigsty
Where little pigs learned how to swim
I needed a very large shovel
To dig out the ones who were dim

Morning mist near badgers set
No one’s coming home just yet
Black and white stripes muddy browned
Digging juicy worms from ground

Dim the lights within the room
From bright to subtle glow
Put on our favourite record
Turn pace from fast to slow

Those claws of yours for grabbing
Large eyes so you can see
Sharp teeth to tear the meat apart
You’d brought back home for tea

I built myself a time machine
And travelled to the past
Where dinosaurs looked hungry
So my visit didn’t last

Ten chubby fingers
On two chubby hands
Reach for support
To help when she stands

Champagne party popping corks
People meeting having talks
Moonlight shining having walks
On her dance card names she chalks

When I walked into a fish bar
I fancied fish and fries
But when I got inside the bar
I couldn’t believe my eyes

I placed five bob on the favourite
It should have not been past
He sat still in the starting stalls
And came a dismal last

Through tall trees
The sun invades
To highlight leaves
In different shades

In green meadow grasses
Small daises will grow
Chain links to come

Amber lights what do they do
Will drivers ever know?
Not many think they mean to stop
Most think they mean to go

Acid rain that burns the trees
The leaves of green turn brown
Their bark has turned a whitish grey
From water running down

You shine in the darkness
I made you my wife
Now we glow together
Oh light of my life

Fresh baked scones all golden brown
With jam and clotted cream
Espresso coffee frothy whipped
For high tea what a dream

I remember in the fifties, I stayed for my school dinners
At six sided tables, with six chairs to match
I remember on walls, having all the art class winners
Whilst the dinner ladies served our food by batch

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.5. A Colourful Day

My pinstripe suit sits waiting
Freshly cleaned and neatly pressed
For a most important meeting
Where I need to look my best

I rise before the clock can ring
To wake me from my sleep
My brain was working through the night
And rest does not come cheap

A wash & shave a brush of teeth
Cool waters cleared my head
I fumbled for my best shampoo
But got blue bleach instead

As normal I used plenty
It didn’t lather well
I put another handful on
And then I got the smell

My hair was turning orange
A face all blue but duller
I didn’t make my meeting
Being a little bit off colour

© 2008 David Threadgold
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Raina 25 November 2019

Poems are really superb.. Any other poems related to sports

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zachary 04 May 2018

The David Threadgold peoms are always the best, espescially this one

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zachary 04 May 2018

Hi, these poems are really good, did he make any other sports poems.

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