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In a dark gloomy night
And the around was blessed with fear and fright
Rain, lightning and thunder storm
snatched away the sweet night`s charm

Suspend for a while your sense of query,
I am to tell you an old tragic story
Revealed unto my solemn heart
A myth that was wrongfully taught

Can’t you see my strong pulsation?
Beating in persuasion
And longing for for lost

Sweet and melodious as Homeric rhymes,
But had a life of tragedy prime.
Faraway from vanity
She was as sacred as Trinity.

After a mournful funeral
My soul was summoned before God`s throne
Bewildered, abject and all alone
uncertain of my sins to be atoned.

Mistaken by the subsequent races
The STORY of god and His traces;
From Solon to Solomon, and
from Moses to Marx, and of course,

Is this sanity or insanity
to wish a death in obscurity?
Death that might bring calm and ease
As my life deserted by joys and peace.

(To emerging poets) ...........

Did not hear about Quintus Horace?
Who descended the laws to Verse in grace:

The darkness is drifting slowly away
and made her alarmed in sleep
and dismay.
Dreams that made her charms

For heresy and negating the heavenly laws
Hypatia was deprived from all honours and applause.

Let me confess my crime,

O forsaken and dejected but libertine souls!
Tho`r beaten badly afore,
And blessed with death on the farthest shores,

Could my words
be rooted in your hearts and
host my woes and screams?
Oh sweep off

Who am I?
An angelic soul or Lucifer`s lamb?
In the midnight hours
When facing the fair sky,

Learnt from Chapman's Homer,
A story full of grace and glamour.
Killings of Royals, warriors and multitude
Fall of Troy is

Wanna listen my story;
Though attempted by many a time
but its charm has never declined.
A story that will melt your heart

Adieu! O my sweet fellow,
It's time to part our pillows
with kisses four
for melancholy sore.

Perfectly fused ideas and conceits
Of minds fabulous in lines sweet.But
Feet, meters and syllables
Often treat very strangely.

Isn't that inglorious
to deny the FACT that
'we are fostering a devil inside'
And secretly abide

Late in the winter eve,
when a sight is hazed by mist
And the Maple leaves crack with steps
And chirping crickets are well perceived.

My life
is not done yet, to resign and surrender,
to the unexplained wonders and myths
untold, let me conquer this titanic strife;

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Te amaré por mil años _______________________________________ Don't we see this life seeds every pain and trims all joys and pleasures from our life? ...but these are our mighty words that spill them and unveil its inanity. I am not just born to die nor my insanity is comparative and I will re-spell the norms.But the problem is, I am left alone with myself for too long and I talk to myself only. Read more...)

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Candle In The Wind

In a dark gloomy night
And the around was blessed with fear and fright
Rain, lightning and thunder storm
snatched away the sweet night`s charm

A child of ten and two
Was dressed in red and blue
Lapped by a mother tight and close
A last hug of her dear son, she knows.'
In her tender but shivering arms,
Try to make him calm.

Her love Faith and tears
All were melting in despair
Helpless to ease her child`s pain
She prayed but all in vain.
The mother was sure
That her son`s curse will never be cured
And he will never see and hear
The next rising sun and the morning cheers.

In his meek broken voice
The boy stated last his choice
'But why heaven cursed me so?
Like storm engulfs an exhausted dove
Did I do any wrong that much? '
That spared my soul for devil`s touch? '

'I just followed the butterflies
And echoed the singing birds cries
Wandered around the daffodils and lilies
And was friendly with every living species
Loved the colors of rainbow
And always versed in a gentle lingo, '
Then why my cursed not ceased?
Deprived from all fun and feast'

Ah! His poor broken heart mother
Kissed him hard and Burst into tears
'O heaven send thy mercy
Spare my child from such harsh tendency
He is just two and ten
And never did any sin.
My heart is bleeding
And you're even not heeding
Bless his soul and ease his dying breaths
Be kind O lord! In these hours of death.

Xelam Kan™ Comments

Jahan Zeb 01 December 2012

I can see all the poetic qualities in you Gulsher. You are a true poet.

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Oliver Ovid 01 November 2015

I miss this guy! ! Where's the forum? Make a new forum PH!

2 0 Reply
Akhtar Jawad 09 May 2014

You are a rose having multicolor petals, this poem is another color of your rainbow.

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Rajesh Thankappan 11 June 2013

Dear Sir, Your poem 'castaway' was a real treat. I hope you keep on writing and keep producing such gems. Please feel convenient to read my poems and post your comments whenever you find time.

1 0 Reply
Shahzia Batool 28 January 2013

Gulsher John! ! ! a poet who carries the whole tradition in his veins, he is honest about the tools of the poetic trade ! ! ! keep writing! ! !

2 0 Reply
Unwritten Soul 27 January 2013

His writing, is like an ink that have two colors, the bright at the edge of dark. Obviously his style is either ancient heart hunt or futuristic lover...yet it so distinct in way he make it even in slum lines.._Soul

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Only religion spoiled God's picture... xelamkan

I see life travels back in time but very few sense it.

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