Pinched By.... Poem by Melissa Desiree Reddy

Pinched By....

Rating: 5.0

Days have past, moments lapse
i find myself wanting to call you....
i resist
i hold back
i know i cannot walk that road again! !

Its been a month since we talked
I know I still have feelings for you
But the more i see on the net
the more I realise that you leave a bad taste in my mouth! !

Our back and fro made me weary,
But recently I found myself teary
why, i know better now,
but my heart is pinched

If you called right now,
I know i should not answer but my heart would still leap
I think i am spell bound,
My emotions are all over the place

I wanna forget you but I dont think I will,
you are a lesson I had to learn
a costly one if i may say
but a lesson well learnt anyway! !

So for now I will hold back and
Do what you do soo very well.

Goodbye to a love that never made it into my future! !

Keith Hendrickson 04 January 2009

like the way this flows. nice work

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 04 December 2008

love seems to show resolution stops- atouching piece

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Ency Bearis 03 December 2008

reality bites and we have to move on...good write...A10 Ency Bearis

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Joseph Poewhit 03 December 2008

Sometimes it's just new chapters in our lives

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