Through Valleys And Mountains Poem by Matty Reynolds

Through Valleys And Mountains

We should take a hike
Through the Arkansas hills,
All the way to the black mountains of the Dakotas.
Walking, talking
Reminiscing our love.
I will hold a blanket.
We can walk to the highest hill
And watch the sunrise.
I can watch the sun set in your eyes.
Taste the night upon your lips.
We can take our time and explore this forest.
Listen to the crunch of
Dead leaves under our feet.
Look for that eagle again,
Through a sea of crows and vultures.
We can travel until we find
A mountain worthy of our love.
I will spread the blanket out then,
And make a picnic of your body.
And when you are done my love,
You can sit above me
And pretend to be on a sailboat-
And I your ocean.
You can look into the blue sky and count the clouds and rock to and fro.
The seas can get rough,
The waves clumsy but kind.
Like me.
And when the seas calm and
Your cloud counting stops
We can walk barefoot back home-
Past a dozen hills,
Through valleys and mountains.
We will then remanis again of this day.

It could be that time has made it easy for us to be together.
Hand inside hand.
Side by side.

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