Thrown Away Like Yesterday's Newspaper Poem by Paula Glynn

Thrown Away Like Yesterday's Newspaper

Thrown away like yesterday's newspaper
A celebration of trash
A celebration of only having some cash
A life like fake gold jewellery:
Foolishly brave and brash

With dresses too cheap
And fishnet stockings
With cheaply dyed hair
And nails of wear and tear
And cheap red lipstick smeared as men stare

With once high ambitions:
Of being a Hollywood actress
Being in the spotlight like Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba going further than the rest
But the ambitious poor woman losing the game

For she does want fame:
To be photographed sexily in magazines
To be hot on the scene
Instead of playing the cheap star obscene
Where men do cheaply dream and dream

A woman on the poor side of life
A woman who does know strife
A woman who once loved life
A woman jealous of that plastic surgeon knife
Where noses are fixed and teeth straightened

And sitting in her cheap and badly designed apartment
She wonders why she isn't Jessica Alba
She wonders why she is the tart
Why she had hope in her once innocent heart
Where she would dream of the unique acting art

But she is merely thrown away like yesterday's newspaper
She is a faded black and white photo
That once exciting theater show over
Instead starring in cheap movies
That should be erased and overthrown

With so many women failing
That entertainment industry tough to break
Yet the chance she does expectantly take
Only to find herself beaten and fallen to the ground
Stars washed away from her sorrowful eyes

All hope now lost:
Having to settle for a mundane life
Having to accept she'll never have millions of dollars
Having to live her life like the Average Joe and Jane
Where every day is empty and the same.

But who is really to blame?

Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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