Paula Glynn Poems

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A Poor Girl In A Poor Town

Everyday is the same in her home town,
She is just a poor girl in a poor town,
Always skipping school and barely skimming by,
It seems she has no ambitions,

Murder On My Mind

My husband loved me, pity the fool,
We met when I was young,
When I was eager to please,
And grateful for his love,

You'Ve Got To Love Candy Bars

I just love candy bars,
I will eat Snickers, Kitkats and Mars Bars,
I have no particular preference,
As long as it is a candy bar.

Rainforest Life & Dreams Part 2

The rainforest is green with its beauty,
It is pure and holy like the greatest palace,
Where kings and queens roam,
In all their unrequited glory,

I Need Alcohol: Nightmares And Alone

The night falls upon my lonely heart
Memories play their cruel part
People Chinese whisper
People chase and goad me

The Perfume Of Flowers

The fields are filled,
With the perfume of flowers,
Poppies grow and sunflowers thrive,
While dandelions and daisies,

A Cup Of Coffee

It has been a while; how have you been?
There is so much of the world you must have seen,
All the pretty girls wanting your kisses and love.
How am I? You may ask,

A Chain To My Heart

This chain weighs heavy on my heart,
I just cannot lie anymore,
I am sick and tired of lying.
I want my freedom, you deserve the best,

The Rainbow

I love the rainbow with its shades of green and blue,
I love the way the rainbow tells itself to you.
I love the way the rainbow lights up a sunny sky,
I love the way the rainbow tells of truths that are a lie.

The Singing Poet: Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey born on March 27th 1969
In Huntington New York in the USA
Attending Harborfields High School
Mariah Carey never the fool

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