A Cup Of Coffee Poem by Paula Glynn

A Cup Of Coffee

Rating: 4.5

It has been a while; how have you been?
There is so much of the world you must have seen,
All the pretty girls wanting your kisses and love.
How am I? You may ask,
Well, I have missed you, I haven't slept in a while,
And for me, you'll never go out of fashion,
You'll never go out of style.
How I have missed your beautiful face,
And those eyes that I miss so much,
You always had been my first true love,
You never were a fad to me,
You'll always reside in this heart,
And I shall go wherever you lay your hat.
I want to be with you,
I want your kiss and your touch,
I don't want my heart to be broken,
I don't want to be alone in this world,
And a broken world it is without you.
You're the only one I can trust,
Only you know these deep, inner thoughts,
And you'll always be my first and last affair.
I look good enough to eat, just for you,
Because I am crazy for you, so please come along,
And have a cup of coffee with me,
We can talk about anything: your life,
Your hopes and your dreams,
And maybe I can tell you mine.
But we'll take things slow,
Although I hope never to let you go again,
You my first love, my only real friend.
So I'll see you tomorrow at 11 o'clock at the cafe,
I hope you'll be there, so bring only yourself,
And leave your mobile phone switched off,
Because I have hopes, dreams and fears to share with you,
My heart singing a melody, hoping you'll sing along.

Sridatta Gupta 04 October 2012

the poem is very refreshing.loved it.

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Sridatta Gupta 04 October 2012

the poem is very refreshing.loved it.

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Deci Hernandez 04 October 2012

i am interested in reading your other poems. thx.

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Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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