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Everyday is the same in her home town,
She is just a poor girl in a poor town,
Always skipping school and barely skimming by,
It seems she has no ambitions,

My husband loved me, pity the fool,
We met when I was young,
When I was eager to please,
And grateful for his love,

I just love candy bars,
I will eat Snickers, Kitkats and Mars Bars,
I have no particular preference,
As long as it is a candy bar.

The rainforest is green with its beauty,
It is pure and holy like the greatest palace,
Where kings and queens roam,
In all their unrequited glory,

The night falls upon my lonely heart
Memories play their cruel part
People Chinese whisper
People chase and goad me

The fields are filled,
With the perfume of flowers,
Poppies grow and sunflowers thrive,
While dandelions and daisies,

It has been a while; how have you been?
There is so much of the world you must have seen,
All the pretty girls wanting your kisses and love.
How am I? You may ask,

This chain weighs heavy on my heart,
I just cannot lie anymore,
I am sick and tired of lying.
I want my freedom, you deserve the best,

I love the rainbow with its shades of green and blue,
I love the way the rainbow tells itself to you.
I love the way the rainbow lights up a sunny sky,
I love the way the rainbow tells of truths that are a lie.

Mariah Carey born on March 27th 1969
In Huntington New York in the USA
Attending Harborfields High School
Mariah Carey never the fool

A woman's too tired to think,
About the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink,
Problems are just too much,
It seems the world,

I hate the way you look, the way you talk,
I hate your style, I hate your cold smile,
And crocodile tears,
And I hate you because you're fake,

Many words pass through my mind
Words like school shoelaces I must untie
Like upsetting childhood memories
That so forbiddingly unwind


Charmed: A TV series shown in 1998
Witchcraft the theme, showing what is great

There is always activity in hospital life,
There is always an emergency,
Whether it be a car accident,
A suicide attempt,

Wake up, dreamer,
You're dreaming again,
You are lost in fantasy,
Dancing down a yellow brick road,

I stare at the blank page,
And wonder what I am going to write,
Because the words need to flow,
And I need to get it right.

I feel you in my heart,
For you are my heart's desire,
You set this love free,
And make me feel free:

Clack, clack go her high heels,
As she walks down the highstreet,
She has many people to see,
And places to go,

The colour blue is painting my heart,
Like a bold work of art,
That hangs upon the wall,
And leaves everybody staring,

Paula Glynn Biography

I am 40 years old and have been writing poetry for many years. I write from my soul with all my poems. Some of my poems are lighthearted, whereas others are definitely political. I also write satire and biographical work. And having had United Press publishing house realize the worth of my hard work years ago is very positive. I also have had books under my own name published with I shall continue to post my best poetry on this website. I really do hope you enjoy reading my work. If you do have any thoughts, please do share them. Happy reading and I hope you're not bored! And do take some poems with a pinch of salt! Not all are meant to be serious and are just experiments with the rhyme format.)

The Best Poem Of Paula Glynn

A Poor Girl In A Poor Town

Everyday is the same in her home town,
She is just a poor girl in a poor town,
Always skipping school and barely skimming by,
It seems she has no ambitions,
But she knows the truth:
She will never be rich or famous,
No matter her qualifications,
She tries to see hope but just feels fear,
Because all roads lead nowhere,
Even with the radio station playing all her favourite songs,
But her life is no song,
Her mother ditched her a long time ago,
And her father is just her father,
There's nothing special about either of her parents,
And deep down, she knows it,
As she wakes up every Monday morning,
Knowing the same old week will play out,
For she is just a poor girl in a poor town,
Who will always face boundaries,
Of what she can and can't do,
She used to think she could make it through,
Try not to feel empty, lonely or blue,
But these are the times and she knows she is the loser,
And everyday she looks at her life with misery,
For all hope has long since disappeared,
She thinks this as she sits in her postage sized flat,
The wind blowing heavily outside,
The car in the drive, undriven,
Because she has no place to go,
For all places are the same,
And will always be her prison.

Paula Glynn Comments

Kumarmani Mahakul 05 April 2020

Paula Glynn's poems are very powerful and creative and readers love to read eagerly. She loves the way of rainbow and natural happenings. Perfume of flowers motivates Glynn a lot to have an amazing and brilliant perception about nature and heart beats to motivate others for sustainable development. I feel the wonderful essence of her writing skill and admire highly Paula's ability. May God bring unlimited happiness for her and her family! I am wishing her all the best.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 27 September 2017

Your creativity, depth of knowledge and passion for science is amazing and fascinating. Please keep writing daily, so that many a people like us CAN BENEFIT FROM YOUR POEMS, who have left their university days scores ago. Thanks dear poet .Regards.

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Michael Gamble 04 October 2014

Attention Paula! I have been coming the internet and have found some breath taking images of birds of prey and I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a poem specifically for the illustration that I am thinking of creating?

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Michael Gamble 13 September 2014

Today myself, Julia and Michael, one of Paula's good friends, have been reading a few of Paula's great writings from 'The Escape Collection' and wow! We thought they were supersonic, magnificent and very colourful and written in a way which makes one hunger to read more. As visual artists, we have spent the last couple of hours, researching images which have been inspired from reading Paula's works. We are very excited to create amazing artwork to accompany some of Ms. Glynn's literary masterpieces. Keep up the excellent work Paula Glynn! ! ! We can't wait to read your next adventures. Why write about the African jungle when you've got plenty of jungle around you! lol x

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Dela Bobobee 27 June 2010

This is an example of a very good descriptive power of creative writing at its very best. It paints a very vivid picture of the grim prospect of hopelessness on the chaotic canvas of absurdidities found in existentialist school of literary thoughts. But I wonder if there is no iota of ironic twist as an underlying factor to juxtapose hopelessness with the undertone of the inbuilt power of the human spirit known for its propensity as a bundle of possibilities. When the lord Jesus Christ was born, the pessimistic question was - 'Can anything good come out of Israel? ' But today, you and I know the answer to that question. I really enjoyed this very touching poem, and I wish the writer could write more. I crave to know the rest of the character's grim story. Surely that could not be the end, for there is always a light at the end of every dark tunnel for every reawakened human spirit. I urge this writer to try her hands on short stories or possibly a novel. She has convinced me beyond every reasonable doubt that she can clinch a Booker Prize with her mastery of the descriptive intricacies of the human nature. Pls take a cue.

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