Bijay Kant Dubey

Time And Its Delineation In Mahapatra/ The Revolving Dial Of Time/ The Wheel Of Time - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

The wheel of the Konark Sun Temple
The time dial of his poetry
With the sun reflecting,
Rising and setting,
Time reflected over
And denoted
By the rising and falling sun,
Sunrises and sunsets.

A poet of the sun dial,
All permanent and all-pervasive,
The world a matter of time,
Time mechanical and cosmic,
Life and its fleeting moments,
Life and the passage of time,
Man has a destiny of own,
Ever known to us,
Time and the universe,
Human time, Creational Time,
The clock tower tolling,
The hand ticking,
The heart beating and pulsating,
The nerve with the pulse movement.

The wheel of time as the horse power,
The wheel of time
As the wheel of the bullock-cart,
Artistic, sculptural,
A wooden replica of time, distance and movement,
The wheel revolving,
Time changing,
A poet of samay, kaal and gati,
Samay means time, your time, my time,
Kaal, time, past, present and future,
Gati, movement
Which has no fixed mati, way, direction.

A poet of Kalpurusha, Iron Time,
Stiff and stubborn, rigid and static
By nature,
Which lies unmoved and unflinching,
The asthi-kalasha hanging by,
An urn by the peepul tree
And the pind-dana going on,
He marking them on the sea-beach,
The pyres burning,
Rites and rituals continuing
But unmindfully.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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