Time To Spread My Wings And Fly Poem by breanna wilson

Time To Spread My Wings And Fly

mom and dad dont want to let go
they want to keep me a little girl forever
with bows and ribbons to tie my curly hair in
they hate to see me grow up so fast but it is now time to spread my wings far and fly, fly away from the child hood life
when boys had cooties, and when makeup wasnt such a big deal
when you would ride your bike for the first time with out your training wheels and dad would let go and you would keep going with out stoping because he forgot to teach you how too
well yall have taught me how to spread my wings and fly
but when i take off im not landing! ! ! it is now time for me to
take off on a flight of adventure.

Aldo Kraas 22 November 2007

it is interesting because when I read it I see the guilt that you are feeling And I also see your pain All your hurts I see You are full of scars Your parents are not allowing you to be free So they made you into a prisoner And you pay for it I am also seeing in your poem that you are Sad that your parents never thought Something that is valuable in your life And also you are ashame of wearing second hand clothes All the kids have nice clothes And the other kids probably tease you about It is not going to be easy in High school They will tease you too They done to me lot's of times During school lunch break I went for a while to the mall I just wanted peace for myself and get away from those horrible rotten kids

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Melvin Banggollay 22 November 2007

Yes, be as free as the wind but make sure you have the wing that can carry you to your dreams for I know they want you a cream sweet as honey and best of things. thanks and I love you babe melvin

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