Times Double Trouble Poem by Timothy Long

Times Double Trouble

A pattern, honesty a trap, this plan has to work their way, separated of sea and discovered sorrows, hatred, of first, loved in seconds, drawn good and evil, wonder if it be in as them still, nothing was ever so sweet, a lie, new undergoing a lost tale, deceit not so much, emotion made their hatred in to lost unknown love, they as a pair, felt their lives failure, passion a way as to make it come a new, a mystery unraveled or a moth to a new flame how false twins claimed, renew old to kill new once more, any link assessed was a hidden secret, they or a few would call it a venous same and feelings of reprehensive and dangerous life time regret, everyone moved on, why can't you and her, it's a past problem now, it works still, an others of all lost siblings takes ah in spirit.

Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Auburn, New York
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