To Be Born A Woman Poem by EZHIL VENDHAN

To Be Born A Woman

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To be born a woman
To be born a woman
One needs to have done great penances,
Didn't you say?

My plight in the society and world,
Is it in a position to be even stated?
Would you in your boundary understand my status?
In a sensitive manner, my friend?

House has to be lit
I should come as Lakshmi
I must burn at your feet
As the holy camphor.

Your eyes only must see
My unlimited beauty
As the Great Lakshmi
Other men's
Eyes should not see me.
I should be
The fire throwing volcano to them.

Kinder than even a mother
I must feed you food
Your left overs
Must become my nectar.

When you want to pet me
I should become a child
When you want to play
I should become your puppet.

Whenever you call me
I should be available
In your bed
I have to be a service maid.

For your
Mistresses have to become my sisters.

When your brain melts in passion
And your intelligence is blunt
I have to guide you
As a minister.

When your back has to be scratched
My pearly nails
Have to become a spade

Your feet have to be massaged
With my Kantal fingers
Have to become the machinery
When you lie down in sickness
My lotus hands
Have to become the lavatory facility.

To bear your sorrows
I should become a weight bearing stone.

Whatever you think in your heart
Has to be completed by me
As a slave
And I have to take this avatar.

Whenever you kick me
I should lick your feet
Like a dog wagging its tails.

Even if you respect me or tore me apart
I should be patient
Like the mother earth.

I should be only for you
I have to become so many other things
Even when you die
I have to be burnt alive with you

To be born a woman
One should indeed have done great penances.

* Kantal - a kind of flower looking a woman's finger

To Be Born A Woman
Friday, March 10, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: womanhood
This poem deals with the man and woman relationship
Jeanette Telusma 05 August 2017

Lovely poem, thanks for sharing, Azhil. Keep writing.

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Ezhil Vendhan 06 August 2017

So Nice of You Dear Jeanette

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Jazib Kamalvi 03 August 2017

A great start with a nice poem, Ezhil. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks

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Rajnish Manga 02 August 2017

This is indeed a great poem by all means. This goes into MyPoemList. It brings to fore the multiple roles a woman has to play in her husband's life. She complements him that is why she is known as ardhangini (better half) . Whatever she does, she does it with conviction, with authority and with devotion. Barring a point or two where I hold a divergent view, I find it an outstanding work of poetry.

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