To Be Or To Be Not In Our World Anytime, Anywhere, And Everywhere - Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

Everything and even everyone Have changed for ever and ever In our current world and There will be no possibility to Return things or persons to normal Even if we try... To be, in our current world, means To be not anytime... To live means to die anytime, To have means to lose anytime, To give means not to take every time, To go means not to come back anytime, and Whatever you do anytime, then Might come against you... To be is hard and to be not is a must Simply because our world hard and even cruel In all it contains anytime... The more we give, The less we get... The more we come forward, The more we go to the rear... We live haphazardly in those circles, squares, Lines, ..., etc. that we have drawn to ourselves earlier... We are totally selfish and even ignorant In what we care about things and about persons In our current world... We only live in our absolute oblivion That encircles us from all directions... All our roads and our streets are Merely dead-ends... Our pains and our sufferings are Completely ugly, absurd, but They're truly real... We only live to die bitterly, In other words, We commit suicide without throwing ourselves From the top of that lonely Rock Of Suicide anytime... We only bury ourselves in that ugly world Which we have chosen to ourselves... We are clearly dead, but We don't feel ourselves Simply because we are there physically, but Not spiritually... Our world, I mean, is totally ugly, mean, and even absurd... Tomorrow is not ours Simply because we have sunken in that ugly today That we preferred to be in it... We are only figures that Come and go in this temporary world... Who cares about us? Do we care about ourselves anytime? We are merely clear zeroes on the left sides Of any even numbers... We are no more, but We are the clear outcome of Our good and bad deeds anytime, anywhere, and Even everywhere... _________________________________________________ _____________________

Topic(s) of this poem: loss

Poet's Notes about The Poem

If today is not ours, then Shall tomorrow be ours? ___________________________________________________

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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