To Be Real Poem by alicia cross

To Be Real

This is what it means to be real;
The horrors that can happen during a lifetime are hear.
The love and compassion mean nothing to me anymore;
There are definitely signs of life that can capture us all.
My life has just begun, right now;
Understanding the world as it is, is truly a blessing that I have found.
This feeling of life is what I hope I never forget;
I'm not above the rest, but gasping for air at the top of the mountain.
Desire is important to the mind;
Without desire, I fear there will be nothing to live for.
This is my life;
I don't live for the experience, I live for the chance to better myself.
Though life seems long to most of us;
Our life is like the childhood of elderly eternity.
My life is important to me;
Not to others but to me.
I care for others and I hope that I can put life into words they can understand;
I'm still young.
But I have already been through a rough jungle;
For I hope no one else will live to see the bad experiences of life.
Though I walk through fire, I have enjoyed what I can;
In and out of days, i notice the world around me.
I'm positive that the ways I see the world is different form everyone else point of view;
For I'm not ashamed of that and never have been.
It's not my job to teach my friends and family to be real;
But we can all try anyways.


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